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Daking MKII custom built for you
Most first-class mic pre-amps use input transformers. Transformers afford the best interface between a microphone and a pre-amp because it correctly matches the microphone, provides quiet gain and gives the best common mode rejection and ground isolation of any connection scheme. Almost all tube circuits like Fairchild, Pultec and Teletronics, used them. API, Neve and Trident used them. They are usually the most expensive components in an audio device.
Discrete Amplifiers
Discrete amplifiers are amplifiers made with individual parts such as transistors, capacitors and resistors. In a discrete circuit, all parts and values can be optimized and the audio path can be very short. Most modern consoles use integrated circuits (ICíS) Ė little plastic packages with hundreds of components in them. One integrated circuit may contain more transistors than an entire channel of a classic discrete console. Discrete amplifiers typically run at much higher voltages and deliver more current than ICís so they can have much greater headroom. Modern consoles have many ICís in the audio path of each channel. Audio does not improve as the chain gets longer.
modules 16 24 36 48
Patchbay left or right
Master section Left Center Right

With the Audient ASP8024 in production for nearly 20 years, and thousands of consoles in use around the world based on his legendary circuit blocks, we've returned to designer David Deardenís roots to release the definitive version of the ASP8024 - the Heritage Edition. 20 years ago David set out to design an analogue recording console not knowing it was destined to become a modern classic. To commemorate Audient and his phenomenal achievement we have reimagined his classic design with all new enhancements and features. Complete with DAW control with 8 moving faders combines the classic analog sound with the digital future
NEW Audient analog signal with digital control
SSl 9064J ultimation Call
API Legacy 1996
64 modules
12 mic pres
56 w/ EQ
4 compressors
2 gates
SSL Duality $135K
Neotek Elite 28 x 24 $12,500.00