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  NASHVILLE AUDIO    615.847.3798
Trident 80B 40x 24  $35,000.00
DECCA europe restoration to be finished summer 2017
Yamaha 02R VII $999.00
Custom built Daking MKII 16 and 32 inputs all discrete Call
Lafont Chroma similar to SSL topology $21,000.00 canada
32 channel (40 channel frame) Otari Concept 1 w/ dynamics package and patchbay in good working condition. Has a TON of extra parts, extra channelstrips (20 i believe, but a few were used for parts), extra computer, cabling, extra parts patchbay, etc and yes, working computer WITH Hovernet card. The Otari is about 7 ft wide, 3 power supplies , etc. Was gone over by an Otari tech last year .

A Sony MXP 3036 console with API EQ's & Pre amps that was purchased from world renowned Westlake studios in Los Angels ca. The console is in excelent condition.
AN Ottari mach III 24 track Analog recorder with remote like new.
Complete Protools system with interfaces to set up with recording console.
All cables for the console,recorder,& protools are included.
Lots on rack gear & some mikes
1995 TEC Award
Large Format Console Technology

Amek 9098 by Rupert Neve
Harrison Series Twelve
Soundcraft DC2000
Solid State Logic SL 9000J
Tactile Technology M4000
Trident Ventura 85
1995 TEC winner Trident 85 44 x 24 Optifile $22,500.00
The last 80 series in the long line of successful Trident recording consoles.
TEC award winner the Trident 85 ventura was voted one of the top 5
recording consoles in 1995. 44 inputs split 24 monitor, full bay P&G faders.
Has optifile auto but also wired for protools $22,500.00
Trident 80B $39,000.00 fob europe
Restored with a couple of mods:
Variable resistors on the master bus (to fine tune the stereo)
Burr brown op amps for more head room
Cables included