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Qty           Product                                 Description                                        Price
   1             Neve VR 60                           Recording console                $000000
FOB Point- Shipping, handling, crating (not) included in the price. 

Order requirements- 10%  refundable funds pending an approved inspection by a      certified technician at sellers location, no later than 30 days from the date of this document. Once the   deposit is received all participating parties will be brought together to communicate all assets and         liabilities of this transaction.

Title- Title passes with fully paid invoice. Balance $00000 due  upon notification to ship.                    Represented item is free from any liens leases or encumbrances.

Warranty- The above items are sold in an "as is" "where is" condition, no warranty is implied           unless stated in writing. As to serviceability or fitness for any purpose whatsoever, buyers must           satisfy themselves as to any purpose they wish to use the equipment , as to its condition, its quality      and its description. Unit described by owner as in good working order. Good condition.

Delivery- buyer has three days to inspect shipment for damage or shortage. Any damaged items will   be refused and the liability is with the freight company. All items insured for replacement value.

Commissioning- Service is offered not included in this quotation.

Confidentiality- All aspects of this quotation, especially the price are to be held in confidence and      not to be disclosed to any one other than necessary personnel.

Taxes- Buyer is responsible for any funds due for taxes, import or export charges, duty or vat            required by the laws governed buy state, province or country.



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