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SSL CL300 $79,500.00
Neve Capricorn digital $19,999.00
SSL Matrix2 Mixing Console/Control Surface at a Glance:
Streamlined for a Hybrid Workflow
Pristine SuperAnalogue Circuitry
Take Complete Control of Your DAW
Professional Monitoring and Talkback
X-Rack Integration for Total Recall
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  NASHVILLE AUDIO    615.847.3798
AVID S6 M40 48 w/5 Knobs
This preconfigured unit includes:

    48 Faders
    5 Knobs per channel
    3 Display Modules
    Producers Desk
    6ft Leg frame with MonoRail
    VESA Arm
    3x SpeakerDeck

Yamaha 02R II $650.00