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With the Audient ASP8024 in production for nearly 20 years, and thousands of consoles in use around the world based on his legendary circuit blocks, we've returned to designer David Dearden’s roots to release the definitive version of the ASP8024 - the Heritage Edition. 20 years ago David set out to design an analogue recording console not knowing it was destined to become a modern classic. To commemorate Audient and his phenomenal achievement we have reimagined his classic design with all new enhancements and features. Complete with DAW control with 8 moving faders combines the classic analog sound with the digital future
SSl 9064J ultimation Call
API Legacy 1996
64 modules
12 mic pres
56 w/ EQ
4 compressors
2 gates
SSL Duality w/DAW control $135,000
1995 TEC award winning Trident 85
The last 80 series in the long line of successful Trident recording consoles.
TEC award winner The Trident 85 ventura was voted one of the top 5
recording consoles in 1995. 44 inputs split 24 monitor, full bay P&G faders.
Has optifile auto but also wired for protools $22,500.00
Cadac “J-Series” Large Frame Analog Console-This console is the last of this series (1994) which was Cadac at the highest point of it’s analog console development.  Extremely solid and reliable.  The sound can be described as API/Neve-like (I like it better!)  The desk is transformerless, but all balanced points are done with critically balanced opamp circuitry.   Has 29-slots, 20 mono input modules, 3 stereo, 4-subgroups, 4-matrix, 4 VCA groups, 12 aux, oscillator, custom maple woodwork to match original, including meter bridge with 4 assignable Dorrough peak/RMS light meters.  One beautiful feature is that this board has a universal motherboard and can be configured any way you want.  Includes new (switching) power supply, spare parts, spare modules, extender card  and service manuals. s available.

This Cadac J cut down to  29 input (next pic) total refurb $12999.00 trades considered